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How cannabis is aiding kids with autism

  When Asi Naim, a severely autistic Israeli boy, started smacking his head against the wall and hurting himself in other ways, his parents tried every kind of psychiatric drug to calm him. Nothing worked. Continue reading

Israel to help strengthen Australia's public security measures

  Australia will send emergency services and border officials to Israel to draw from that country's vast experience in keeping people safe in public areas and in the arena of air cargo security. Continue reading

It's not just a Hollywood problem: 1 in 4 Australian women have been sexually harassed at work

  Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump... both sexual harassment offenders who have demonstrated how widespread this problem is with 1 in 4 women sexually harassed at work and the recent #MeToo viral campaign highlighting in numbers that this needs to stop. Continue reading

David Attenborough urges action on plastic

  David Attenborough has urged the world to cut down on the use of plastic by 'tomorrow' to curb the danger it poses to the world's oceans. Continue reading

Who are the AfD?

  The results from the German elections are out and a party called the AfD are grabbing international headlines. But who is this radical right wing group and what do they stand for?  Continue reading