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Pokies danger highlighted in landmark legal case

The statistics are staggering and the effects are devastating. Australia has 20 per cent of the world’s poker machines and every year $11 billion dollars is taken from people who can least afford it. Continue reading

Marijuana helps ease Olivia's cancer pain

  Olivia Newton-John says she wants Australians to have easier access to medical marijuana as the Aussie star battles cancer for a second time, the Huffington Post has reported. Continue reading

Booze Nation – Aussies consume 9.7litres of pure alcohol per week

  Five beers, a bottle of wine, three mixed drinks and half a cider - that’s what the average Aussie is putting away a week, new data shows.  Continue reading

Sudden death of Dean Mercer highlights disturbing heart attack figures

    The shocking news of the death of 47 year-old former Aussie Ironman Dean Mercer from a cardiac arrest has gripped the news headlines this week. The father-of-four’s death from a cardiac arrest while behind the wheel has highlighted some frightening figures regarding coronary disease and heart attacks in people who have none of the classic symptoms considered to be risk factors for the condition. Continue reading

Emoji use undermines perception of professional competence

  Emojis – whether you love them or hate them, they are ubiquitous. But even though they are simple, fun and quick to use, they might be working against you in the workplace. Continue reading