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Chemical weapons a red line in Syria, says Macron

Meeting Putin in Paris, Macron also said France and Russia should cooperate to 'eradicate terrorist groups' in Syria Continue reading

International Parents Day

The Global Day of Parents is observed on the 1st of June every year. The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 2012 and honours parents throughout the world. This day of recognition provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship. Continue reading

'We are all at risk': state government urged to amend NSW race hate laws

The NSW government is under pressure to amend race hate laws to crack down on violent extremists, as prominent community and religious leaders join forces to push for change. Continue reading

National Sorry Day: Indigenous woman's reflections on identity, culture and forgiveness

As Nangala Woodley talks about her Indigenous family, her eyes light up with joy, although, she assures the journey to find them has been far from pleasant. Continue reading

News in 90 Seconds

  A look at some current Hot-Topix making headlines today.  Continue reading