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Niqabs thrown in sand as women flee Caliphate

The road to Raqqa was paved with black cloth. Scores of niqabs, the spartan black veils ordered by Islamic State, littered the desert floor alongside hijabs and abayas, all flung from the shoulders of women escaping the city the moment they had crossed no man’s land and were certain that their flight had succeeded. Continue reading

How France Voted

Emanuel Macron at 39 is the youngest President in France's history. Whether you support him or not we can agree that he has a tough road ahead in the next few weeks. For some insights here is a breakdown of how and where French voters cast their ballot.  Continue reading

Media ‘propaganda machine’ backs Macron

NATIONALIST French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen is widely expected to lose Sunday’s run-off vote against “centrist” Emmanuel Macron. But this photo might tell a different story writes Frank Chung. Continue reading

Vote with your heart the French say, then with your head

  France will elect a new president on May 7. After the first round held on April 23, Emmanuel Macron, a liberal centrist, took 23.75% of votes ahead of the nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen who took 21.53% of the votes. Continue reading

Chechnya’s police tell parents to ‘kill gay children’ as anti-gay purge worsens

Picture: Activists call on Putin to put an end to the persecution of gay men in Chechnya. Credit: AFPSource:AFP CHECHNYA’S police have instructed parents to kill their own gay children or “we’ll do it for you”, according to a horrific account told by a survivor. Continue reading