Global Terrorism - the impact

Police conduct joint counter-terror raids

 Photo: NSW Police

 Terrorism is having a negative impact worldwide. In Australia, even house affordability is affected. The latest facts are here.

According to The Sun, UK, the number of people involved in terrorism may appear small percentage wise but alarmingly significant in numerical terms. More than 2000 people are involved in terrorism activities as Mad, Bad, Sad explains

250 lives have been lost in France to acts of terrorism. Is 2016 really the worst year in history?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says Australians will be protected against the "incitement of genocide" as part of new counter-terrorism laws to be introduced into Parliament next month.

Speaking of lack of leadership, the Hungarian government is says that the problem does not stem from Mecca but from Brussels.

A country familiar with terrorism is Israel. Near daily Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians and soldiers are causing fear and anger in Israeli society. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described the violence as “a new kind of terrorism” as The Washington Post explains.  


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