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Between Uber antics and 'witch hunts' and a fire that killed 17 people in London it has been an interesting week of news. As you prepare for the weekend Hot-Topix would like to share the following stories which we think make for interesting reading. 

Trump Decries ‘Witch Hunt’ After Report That Mueller Is Investigating Him

President Donald Trump on Thursday morning once again dismissed the Russia investigation as a "phony story" and blasted federal investigators as “bad and conflicted people” after a report said special counsel Robert Mueller is examining whether the president attempted to obstruct justice. Read more    

One way to fix Uber: Think twice before using it 

You gasp with each new report on Uber's toxicity. On Tuesday, there was the harassment and discrimination documented in an endless list of internal recommendations by Eric Holder Jr., the former attorney general, who was hired to peer into Uber's ugly depths. Then, while presenting the report to employees, an Uber board member made a sexist remark. (He later resigned.) All of it comes after a parade of escalating scandals that seem more fitting at a company run by Tony Soprano than by nerds in San Francisco. Read more 

'Justice' rally planned over UK tower fire

People are planning a rally in Westminster, London, to call for justice for those caught up in the Grenfell Tower fire. Scotland Yard have launched a criminal investigation into the Grenfell Tower fire after it emerged that cladding panels similar to those used on the 24-storey building have been banned on tall buildings in the US since 2012. Read more  

Israeli author David Grossman wins Man Booker International prize 

David Grossman’s “ambitious high-wire act of a novel”, A Horse Walks into a Bar, set around a standup comic’s rambling and confessional routine in an Israeli comedy club, has won the Man Booker International prize for the year’s best fiction in translation. Read more

Dousing fires, Hockey has his work cut out for him in new Trump-Turnbull fire

It was just another day in Washington DC for Joe Hockey. The Australian ambassador to the US and former federal treasurer was at the Stimson Center in the American capital on Thursday to deliver a "keynote address on the importance of the US-Australia bilateral relationship", but he ended up having to hose down the allies' latest drama. Read more

Australia pledges funds to address humanitarian crises arising from conflict

The Australian government has pledged fresh funds for the Red Cross to address humanitarian crises and protect those affected by conflict in the international community. Read more

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